Gina writes:

Our first placement offer came from VSO on April 20. It was in India and was a great match to our skills. The placement looked great, but it started in July, which was earlier than we had anticipated and also meant we had to miss my brother's wedding. After asking if we could start sometime after September 6 and then waiting...and waiting...the employer told VSO that Corey's skills were not quite right for the position.

Our second placement offer came on May 25. It was also in India and was another great match to our professional skills. Between our wedding and honeymoon and waiting for the employer to call us to have a direct conversation, we were feeling anxious, but hopeful. In mid-July, we were told that the employer's funding was such that they could only afford Corey.

Fortunately, a third placement offer came to us on July 14. Like the others, it was in India and also a good match to our professional background. Of the limited information that we had about the placements, this one seemed to be the best. There is an upside!

When we met face-to-face with our volunteer advisor in Canada on July 18, she told us that the second placement offer was reconsidering their ability to accept both of us and that the third placement offer was also available. The second placement is of greater strategic priority to VSO, but we have a slight preference for the third placement. We are again waiting for a phone call or email directly from the second placement employer.

We have money orders for our entry visas into India and we've been told that if the second placement doesn't come through, the third placement is ours. We don't have the all-important letter of acceptace yet, but this news is certainly good to hear!

We were told from the beginning of this process that placement of couples is often difficult and time-consuming, so the fact that we were offered three fantastic opportunities makes us feel lucky and grateful and competent. That balances the fact that the lack of concrete information has been slightly frustrating. In any case, we are certainly learning patience that will be useful in our overseas adventure!