Our Home in India

Gina writes:

I've been communicating with some Brits and an American who are currently in Koraput. They've been so helpful, recommending what to pack and what to expect. They've also been keeping blogs, so it's been amazing to get a glimpse of what we'll be experiencing! In our interactions this week, I realized that one of the volunteers is living in the house that we'll be moving into! (He's leaving just before we arrive, so no, we don't have to share a house.) I now have pictures of our future home, which kicks up the excitement a notch!



I've been told that the landlord lives on the top two floors, so our space is the ground floor. There is a gate surrounding the whole property and a heavy-duty lock on the door. So we're pretty safe!


The tile floor looks beautiful! It's so awesome to actually see where we'll be living! Apparently, the place is palatial by Koraputian standards!