Welcome to Our Home

Gina writes:

We've been working hard to set up our house. The furniture and appliances were there when we moved in, but we've been trolling dozens of stores in Koraput to fill our kitchen and buy some items to make our space feel more comfortable. It's finally at a state where we can invite you to visit!

First, for some perspective, the floor plan.

The view from the front of the house.

Inside the main gate.

The foyer. (Sadly, the motorbike is not ours, SOVA is just storing it there...)

The living room. We love how bright and sunny the room is when the windows are open! We are in the process of getting a second desk and a sofa/bed.

The kitchen.

Looking out to the back patio area.

Bathroom #1.

Our bedroom.

Bathroom #2, attached to our bedroom.

The spare bedroom, also called the "scarf room"!

As you can see, we have a lot of space. So much space, in fact, that a few rats and cockroaches have decided that we need roommates! (We're working on that...) Though some of the amenities are very basic, we feel safe, it's relatively quiet, and it's starting to really feel like a home.