Reader Input Needed

Gina writes:

Next Sunday (February 14), we're having some co-workers over for lunch. We're planning to cook a variety of American/Western dishes for them. Since none of these people have ever eaten any food besides Indian or Chinese, we're taking a risk by exposing them to foods that they might really dislike. Although it seems like simple pasta or potato or vegetable dishes are pretty safe options, eating curries and rice every single day for your entire life might predispose you to disliking foods that are unfamiliar. So, to mitigate the risk, we're making a buffet of items, so that no one is forced to eat a large quantity of something they don't like.

This is where you, the reader, come in! We are looking for ideas. If you were making dishes that represented America (or whatever Western country you're from), what would you cook?

After our lunch experiment, we'll let you know what we chose to make and how the food was received.

Thanks for your help!