Compendium of Snaps

Gina writes:

Some of our photos (or "snaps" as they say here) from recent months that didn't make the cut to merit individual blog entries.

Here's me petting my favorite dog that hangs out near the office.

We started petting only one of the dogs that spends time near the office. Now we're up to three! From left to right, their names are Floppy (because of his ears), Fugs (because he's frickin' ugly), and Sango (which means "friend" in Oriya).

It's time to cut the grass at the office! Get out the scissors and call over the surplus labor!

This is what our training sessions look like.

A cow feeding her calf right outside our house!
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We had a visit from the census madams...we're officially part of India's population!

We have gone to the house of Corey's good friend Satya a few times. Here he is with his cute son and the son of another co-worker.
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