The Rainy Season

Corey writes:

Today I'll be discussing the rainy season. We knew going in that India had a rainy season, and that it would be wet. But I don't think you can fully appreciate a rainy season until you've lived through one. I feel silly saying this, but man, it rains a lot during the rainy season.

Odd things have started happening, for example:
  • If we leave clothes folded for a couple weeks, they start to grow mold. My baseball cap must be particularly tasty, because the mold grows continuously on it. I think if we didn't shower every day, mold would start to grow on us.
  • The walls have started oozing water. At work the curtains are drenched all the time. I'm sure they'll be moldy soon too.
  • Gina has a bar of nice soap in a plastic wrapper. I'm not sure why, but the soap is wet. All the time. Even after days of sitting in a dry spot.

"When I was a kid we had eight months of this." one coworker said, in the same way that veterans talk about combat.

The fact that it's cloudy or raining all the time can get kind of depressing. The shine is off our placements, people stay inside out of the rain so there's not much going on outside. Last week, as part of PowerPoint training, I had people do a presentation on their favorite season. No one chose the rainy season.

But this is also where Gina and I can learn some mental toughness. When one of us is feeling down, the other one picks him/her up. We've got plenty to look forward to: a pending visit by my sister and brother-in-law, a trip to Pondicherry, and even something simple like the occasional rainbow.

(Rainbow not pictured)