Compendium of Snaps III

Corey writes:

We've taken some really excellent pictures over the last couple months that haven't fit into any of our blog posts. Take a gander at the awesomeness

A while back there was a commotion at the office when a baby goat got lost and wandered into the SOVA office compound. It was raining and the goat was pretty scared. We fed it some rice and the office staff kept it safe overnight. The owner came back to get it the next day.

One day Mothra decided to invade the SOVA compound. Despite our best efforts to defeat the beast, we were all eaten. I'm writing this from the moth's digestive tract.

Back when Lindy and Brett visited, we did a Grone family Electric Slide at our party. It was a big hit... we had to keep up our rep when my parents visited in December. Here we are rehearsing furiously so we'd be prepared for the big New Year's Day party at SOVA the next day. Unfortunately there was no dancing at the party, so our hard work was for nothing.

One day a dude came through the 'hood doing door-to-door knife sharpening. No one likes a sharp knife more than me (well maybe Dexter) so I had to oblige.

This is just a great shot of the craziness that is downtown Koraput.

Here is a picture of one of the women that we hear walking through our neighborhood every morning selling produce and even fish. Only in India are there door-to-door radish salespeople.

There's a rowdy pair of doggy friends that have taken up residence near our house. I like to box with them when I've had a bad day.