Delhi Driving

Gina writes:

One of my favorite cultural experiences so far in Delhi has been experiencing the craziness of riding a rickshaw (or tuk-tuk) through Delhi traffic. It's frightening and exhilarating at the same time.

The beeping is constant and doesn't seem to have any real purpose other than allowing the driver to announce his existence. A tuk-tuk is more narrow than a car and will snake its way through a traffic jam, tightly fitting itself between cars and buses. At almost any time, passengers can easily reach out and touch someone walking on the street, a cyclist, a cow, or another vehicle. There are lanes painted onto the pavement, but not onto the minds of the drivers. After a few trips in a tuk-tuk or taxi, it's obvious that a complex system of road rules exists, but it's indecipherable to the casual observer. It sounds and sometimes feels dangerous, but I think these drivers are, in a way, the best and safest drivers in the world! The video below gives you a small taste of the experience.