Corey Writes:

This is the first of my "this is how things are different in India" series. Let me preface this by saying that we're in the Big City of Delhi, where everything is more expensive than it will be in Koraput. Here are some examples of what we have paid for things recently (in USD):

  • Rickshaw rides: $0.80 to $1.40 for 2 to 4 miles
  • Laundry detergent and assorted snacks: $2.60
  • Sit-down meal (average): $1.80
  • Sit-down meal for four with rice and bread: $5.30
  • Two salwar kameezes, fully tailored (pics forthcoming): $32
  • Cup of tea, served in actual cup-and-saucer: $0.08
  • 4 bananas: $0.20
  • 12 beers: $9.60 (no wonder no one drinks, I can eat ten meals for a case of beer)

We're still in the habit of converting everything to USD and then thinking how cheap it is. Over time, we'll start to think of things in Indian terms, so we'll have sticker shock about everything when we get back to the States.