Adventures in Eating

Corey writes:

As you may have noticed from some of our previous blog entries, we sometimes like to experiment with food. Mostly this is driven by boredom, but also by lack of alternatives. In addition, there's something fun about one of saying "Let's make [insert crazy thing here]!". Usually these crazy ideas come from Gina, I have to admit. But then over the course of a couple days or weeks that crazy idea becomes a remote possibility, then a definite plan, then a tasty reality.

The latest example of our edible experiments is pumpkin pie. That's right suckers, we made pumpkin pie from scratch! I'm just going to tell you up front that it was amazing. Here are the pictures to prove it:

Mid-October is officially the end of rainy season, and the beginning of the harvest season. The quality and variety of the produce has increased dramatically! One of the new additions is pumpkin. Yes, you can buy it by the slice here, but we bought a whole one. The first step was carving that bad boy up and steaming it so we could extract its toothsome innards.

The next step was mixing the pumpkin with sugar, spices, and eggs. The eggs made the final product a lot more like a custard than most pumpkin pies I've had. At the same time, we also made the crust for the pie and put the whole thing together in the pie pan that came with our electric oven.

Another exciting cooking adventure was eggplant lasagna. Our vendor of "foreigner goods" here in K-put got a shipment of good quality pasta a couple months ago. Imported italian pasta of every shape and size. I went a little nuts and bought one of everything, including lasagna noodles. We decided to pair them with the ever-plentiful eggplants and some nice mozzarella cheese hand-carried from Delhi.

Another experiment from a long time ago was chocolate cake - without an oven!

Sometimes our experiments don't turn out so well. For example, the prison wine and the hamburgers were failures. But we're still going to keep trying new ideas!