Gina writes:

When Corey's sister visited in September, she said she wanted to get her nose pierced. I said I'd look into it and find a safe place for her to go. By the time we got to the jeweler that was recommended to us, she had somehow convinced me to get my nose pierced too!

Here are the steps for a safe and amazing experience:

1. Go to the jeweler and choose a stud.

2. Discover that the jeweler doesn't actually do the piercings himself. Try to understand his directions and then find an Indian friend to translate.

3. Go down the street to the goldsmith's shop. Try not to freak out at the "simplicity" of the shop.

4. Sit on a stool and watch the goldsmith heat a copper wire on glowing coals while you rub gel on your nose.

5. Remain calm while the goldsmith sharpens the end of the wire and sticks it through your nose. (It really doesn't hurt much at all!)

6. Laugh away your tears as the goldsmith cuts each end of the wire and you think about how ridiculous you look with a wire sticking straight out of your nose.

7. Go shopping while musing at the lack of pain, just a dull pressure.

8. Remark that the numbing gel was really nice to have. Feel like an idiot when you find out the gel was antiseptic, not numbing!

9. Turn the wire a few times a day for 2-3 days. Clean regularly to prevent infection.

10. Replace with stud and enjoy your new bling. $2.50 for an everlasting memory!

11. Take a minute to realize that the primitive piercing method was actually totally sanitary and safe. Think about what a great souvenir you'll have from India.