My Side of the Story

Corey writes:

As you know, last week we had our first guests from the U.S. It was a really good experience for us, because we got to spend time thinking about all the unique experiences that we've had here in India and planning to replicate them for Lindy and Brett. In addition, many of the experiences were new to us as well, like Simhachalem Temple, Kailasagiri, and Onakadeli. This made us feel more like collaborators than guides.

It also made me feel proud to show off the skills I've adapted to live in India. I know how overwhelmed I felt during my first week in India, and so I took on the role of seasoned veteran with relish. At the same time, I tried hard not to be overbearing or overprotective. Some of the magic of traveling abroad is feeling confused and overwhelmed.

Sharing these unique experiences with our family was also a new way of experiencing them. I danced more at our party, including a fierce rendition of the electric slide with Lindy. I cooked Indian food with authority. I shared knowing glances during the uncomfortable home visits.

Ultimately I think Lindy and Brett had an amazing time, the downside of which is that I think they wished they could cancel the second leg of their journey to Sri Lanka. But it's better they kept the visit short and sweet. This is one advantage the tourist has over the resident, everything will stay new and different in their pictures and memories.