Compendium of Snaps 2

Gina writes:

Here's another collection of good pics from our day-to-day lives. See the first collection here.

This is a good view of the center of town on a typical day.

This was taken from a bridge on the way home from a field visit.

One thing I miss about SOVA is the chance to take a break from work to drink chai and chat with friends or just enjoy the scenery from the roof.

This was taken toward the end of rainy season, when a sunny day to dry clothes was a rarity. So many saris flapping in the wind!

On my way to SPREAD, my eyes set upon something less pretty than saris. A giant spider waiting for its next meal!

Here's Corey and his best [Indian] friend, Prakash. Everyone loves this picture, since Corey looks like a giant next to Prakash!