Gina writes:

You sometimes remark about how different we are, but I think you're wrong. The manifestation of our values is different, but the values by which we live our lives are very much the same. And where did I get those values? From you of course!

  • I didn't get my love of travel from you, but you encouraged me to explore my interests to discover what was important to ME as an individual.
  • My interest in other cultures didn't come from you, but you did teach me to appreciate the differences in other people and to abstain from judgement.
  • My love of the outdoors isn't something you passed on to me, but you did pass on an appreciation of simplicity and taking things slowly, not rushing to life's next thing.
  • You never imagined that I'd be working my butt off in India, but it's the work ethic that I got from you that's pushing me to continue my efforts to make some tiny difference in the world, even in the face of struggle.
  • I'm more interested in the pursuit of education and a career than you were/are, but it's because of you that I remember that my family is first before anything else in my life.

I love you forever,